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SURAKSHA LPG HOSE225563Relates to the development of a safe and durable LPG Hose for increased safety to the customers. View
SPINDLE GASKET FOR GAS CYLINDERS 6358/CHE/2014Relates to gaskets made of FKM to be used in spindles of SC valves for the purpose of improved sealing. View
FKM BASED O- RING FOR GAS CYLINDER6357/CHE/2014Relates to O-Rings made of FKM to be used the SC valves for the purpose of improved sealing. View
PORTABLE LEAK DETECTOR 6356/CHE/2014Relates to leak testers to be used to check the valve spindle leak and O-Ring leak from LPG Cylinders as pre-delivery checks at customers premises. View
RIGID POLYVINYLCHLORIDE COMPOSITIONS FOR SHRINK FILMS FOR USE IN LPG CYLINDER TAMPER EVIDENT SEALS1357/CHE/2015Tamper Evident Seal using RPVC with advanced security features to be used for sealing the LPG Cylinders. View
IMPROVED TIGHT JOINT SEAL FOR LPG GAS CYLINDER PRESSURE REGULATOR 107/CHE/2015Relates to tight joint for Domestic Pressure Regulator made of FKM with increased sealing surface for enhanced customer safety. View
MODIFIED DESIGN FOOT RING FOR LPG CYLINDER201641033025Relates to a detachable footring for LPG Cylinder which will reduce the hot repair operation and ease the changing of damaged footring. View
MODIFIED SELF CLOSING VALVE FOR GAS CONTAINER 40406/2016-CHERelates to SC Valve for LPG Cylinders for controlling the gas flow. Relates to an improved SC Valve with two sealing gaskets, thereby enhancing safety by providing an additional sealing face. View
PORTABLE COOKTOP WITH SPECIAL MOUNTING FOR LPG CYLINDER721/2017-CHERelates to a portable cooktop with special mounting on LPG Cylinder using a DPR that can be used for cooking for indoor as well as outdoor. View