LERC is a member of the following Committees of BIS for evolving the Indian Standards:-

  • ME 16
  • ME 16:1
  • ME 16:2
  • MED16:3
  • MED 23
  • PCD 13
  • Gas Cylinders Sectional Committee
  • Gas Cylinders Valves & Fittings Sub Committee
  • Low Pressure Gas Cylinders Sub Committee
  • Dissolved Acetylene Cylinders, Generators, Acetylene Pipe Lines and High Pressure Gas Cylinders
  • Domestic & Commercial Gas Burning Appliances (Pressure Type) Sectional Committee
  • Rubber and Rubber Products Sectional Committee
  • LERC is also a member of the Bureau of Energy Efficiency and in the Technical Committee for Domestic LPG Stove