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Process Improvements

1. LERC has carried out a study to see the effect of DME (DI-Methyl Ether) on LPG Equipments.A paper on the same has also been published in IFSL-2010 by LERC.

2. A study has been carried out at LERC to evaluate the performance of a new jointing compound between the threads of the valve and the bung of the cylinder vis-à-vis the existing Teflon tape.

3. LERC has carried out a study to identify a suitable alternative material as a replacement for the existing BRASS for S C Valves so as to reduce the scrap generation, ease the manufacturing process and reduce cost.

4. LERC has carried out a study on Techno-Economic feasibility of powder coating of LPG Cylinders. This would improve the look of the cylinder and enhance the surface life of the cylinder.

5. LERC has carried out a study to identify the most suitable process along with the specification of grit blasting prior to metallizing of LPG Cylinders at manufacturer’s premises. LERC has submitted its recommendation and the same have been incorporated in the Indian Standard IS 3196.

6. LERC has undertaken a study to assess and identify the causes of pre-mature failure of Rubber Components in the S C Valves and Domestic Pressure Regulator. LERC has carried out the root cause analysis for the same and has derived Standard Practices to be followed during the manufacturing process and Quality Assurance tests to be followed. The Rubber Components vendors have been educated on the same and the recommendations of LERC have been implemented successfully.

7. LERC served as a convenor of a committee constituted by Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Gas comprising of Chief Controller of Explosives / Automobile Research Association of India as members to study the Pilot Project on use of LPG as auto fiel for 2 / 3 wheelers with replaceable cylinders. After a detailed study the committee submitted its final report strongly advocating “Use of Fixed Cylinders for 2 / 3 Wheelers”.

8. LERC has carried out a study of the “Performance of used LPG Stoves” to study the effect on thermal efficiency of used LPG stoves due to aging. This study also indicates the quantity of fuel saving and total saving of cylinder consumption in a normal household when using stoves with enhanced thermal efficiency.