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Energy Efficiency

LPG is an exceptional energy source due to its origin, relative advantages and applications.

No wonder LPG is known as: “The Ideal Fuel for Modern Living”

With global availability, environmental benefits, its natural by-product origin, transportation flexibility and diverse application, LPG plays a pivotal role in the transition towards a more secure, sustainable and competitive energy model.

Though there are more than 1000 applications of LPG, in India, it is the most widely-used domestic fuel.

Cost effectiveness by means of Fuel Conservation is also one of the primary objectives of LERC and LERC has been striving to achieve the same.

The development of LERC on efficient use of LPG is as listed below:

1. Energy Saving Vessel

LERC has designed and developed a fuel efficient “ENERGY SAVING VESSEL” which has the potential of saving gas and time used for cooking for Commercial as well as for Domestic Application. The extent of saving in LPG gas used for cooking is to the tune of around 7 – 8% and saving in time used for cooking is around 5 -6%.

cooker           vessel2

Features of the Product

  • It is a double walled vessel comprising of an Inner and Outer Vessel working on the principle of partially recovering the heat of the flue gas while travelling in the annular space between the vessels resulting in uniform cooking from the bottom as well as sides of the vessel.
  • Vessel is made of Aluminum (Commercial Use) and Stainless Steel (Domestic Use)
  • Strong and study handles for ease and safety while lifting.
  • The vessel is designed keeping in the mind the ergonomics, aesthetics, hygiene etc.

LERC has applied patent for the same and is now actively involved in commercialization of this product.

2. High Efficiency Cooktop for 5 kg Cylinderss

LERC has designed and developed a high efficiency cooktop for direct mounting on 5 kg LPG cylinder without Domestic Pressure Regulator and Suraksha Hose. The product has been developed for BPL / Rural Market and small vendors. The product developed complies with the Indian Standard for Portable Liquefied Petroleum Gas Appliances operating at Vapour Pressure (IS 11241:1985).

cooktop1           cooktop2

Features of the Product

  • Optimized design so as to achieve a high thermal efficiency of about 70 – 71%.
  • Stainless Steel structure for better stability, protection of flame, weartherability and corrosion resistance.
  • Pan support with 4 prongs for better stability and also to facilitate adaptation for use of bigger vessels.

3. Low Cost Hotplate for Rural application

LERC has developed a low cost hotplate for use in rural market as LPG has penetrated into the rural areas also. The product developed by LERC meets all the requirements of the relevant Indian Standards.