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Customer Safety

The focus of LERC is to develop quality equipments / technologies which will ensure domestic safety so as to provide a safer home for living as LPG, which is the most commonly used domestic cooking fuel is the most hazardous fuel unless handled in a safe manner.

Some of the developments of LERC on safety to customers is listed below:

Modification of Cylinder Design

LERC after doing a detailed analysis of the cylinder design came to a conclusion that the V P Ring of the Cylinder is prone to extensive damage due to poor handling of the cylinder. This leads to high replacement / repair cost.

Thus, LERC suggested carrying out modifications to the foot ring (bottom ring) and the V P Ring (top ring) of the cylinder. The existing “J” formation of the foot ring (Bottom ring) was modified to “O” formation. Also the width of the stay plate was increased and the material modification was carried out to the V P Ring (top ring).

Benefits – This modification has resulted in increased strength and stability to the cylinder.

This modification has been implemented and has been successfully carried out on all the cylinders.

Compact Leak Testers

  • This leak detecting device has been developed by LERC for the delivery boys for the sole purpose of ensuring customer safety while delivering cylinders to customers.
  • This is a reliable and efficient device to check leakage from the cylinder and the S C Valve when the same is delivered to the customer.
  • This product has been patented by LERC and is being successfully used by all the delivery boys nationwide while delivering cylinders.

Suraksha LPG Hose

Tsurakshahe green tube which was being used in every household was prone to cuts and rodent attack and was thus, potentially dangerous leading to leaks, accidents and frequent replacements. Keeping this potential danger in view, LERC has developed a much more safer and durable orange colour hose referred to as “SURAKSHA LPG HOSE”.

Features of the Product

  • Wire reinforced with protective outer sheath.
  • This is a doubly lined hose with braiding of reinforcement.


  • Long Life
  • Strong Grip
  • Leak Proofness
  • Rodent Resistant
  • Abrasion Resistant
  • Flame Resistant
  • Weather Resistant

LERC has patented this product “SURAKSHA LPG Hose“ and the product has been commercialized and is presently being used in the millions of household all across the nation.