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Mechanical lab

Mechanical lab is equipped with modern sophisticated facilities for the testing of LPG Equipments like Cylinder, S C Valves and Domestic Pressure Regulators.

Testing Facilities

  • Universal Testing Machine
  • Spark Emission Spectrometer
  • Automated Test Bench for Valve & Regulator
  • Automated Pressure Test Facility
  • Izod Impact Tester
  • Automated Laboratory Freezer
  • Cyclic Corrosion Cabinet
  • Metallurgical Microscope
  • Paint Testing Facilities for range 1µ to 200µ
  • Gauges and Precision Measuring Instruments
  • In-House Tool Room Facilities which has machines like Pillar drilling machine, Central Lathe Machine, Surface Grinding Machine, Bandsaw Machine, Fly Press.

UNITEK Tensile Testing Machine with Electronic Extensometer

Test Method - IS 1608:2005(Reaffirmed 2011)

Feature –

  • Unique feature of auto determining the yield point for yield stress calculations.
  • Range – 0 -100KN

Application – For determining the stress-strain properties in tension for metals (Ferrous & Non-Ferrous)


SPECTROLAB Spark Emission Spectrometer with Primary Samples


Test Method – ASTM 415 – 2008 / STM-Z01/ STM-B01

Feature –

  • Elemental composition analysis within seconds
  • The size of test piece required is min. 15 mm dia / 15 x 15 mm

Application - For carrying out chemical composition analysis of Iron-Based, Copper-Based, Aluminium -Based and Zinc-Based alloys.

Test Bench for Testing S C Valves and Regulators

Test Method – IS 9798:2013 & IS 8737:2010

Feature –

  • Automated test bench for testing in the range 0 – 17 kg/cm2

Application – For carrying out pneumatic, hydrostatic and life cycle tests for S C Valves and Domestic Pressure Regulators


Pressure Test Facility


Test Method – IS 3196:2012 Part III

Feature –

  • State-of-the –art automated computerizedtesting system with safety trips and alarms
  • Range of Testing – 0.01 kg/cm2 – 200 kg/cm2

Application - For carrying out hydrostatic and burst pressure test of LPG Cylinders

Izod Impact Tester

Test Method – IS 1598:1977(Reaffirmed 2015)

Feature –

  • Range – 0 - 170 Joules / 2 Joules
  • Test piece is required to be in a form of a rod with a V-Notch.

Application – For determining the impact resistance of metals


Laboratory Freezer


Test Method – IS 9798:2013

Feature –

  • Automated laboratory Freezer with safety trips & alarms
  • Microprocessor controlled programmable with temperature upto -50 Deg C
  • Accurate temperature control and holdover capability.
  • PC compatible

Application – This instrument is used to assess the low temperature performance of metals and rubber components.

ASCOTT Cyclic Corrosion Test Cabinet

Test Method – IS 9844:1981(Reaffirmed 2015)

Feature –

  • Controlled Parameters – Temperature, Relative Humidity, Salt Fog
  • Designed to enable salt either salt fogging, humidification or air drying to be selected either manually or automatically for sequential / cyclic control.
  • Humidification Range - > 95%. Active dehumidification during air drying phase.

Application – This equipment is used to assess the general corrosion resistance of the coatings which is applied onto metals using salt spray which is generated in a chamber wherein the samples for testing is kept. It is sort of a accelerated corrosion test.

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