Quality Policy

LERC is committed to achieve excellence in the area of testing LPG Equipments where all the personnel are aware of the quality documentation and implement policies and procedures in the work for delivering high standards of service to customers. The management is committed to comply with IS / ISO 17025:2005 and continually improve the effectiveness of the management system.


  • Management commitment to good professional practice and quality of services provided to customer.
  • Standards of service include: Customer Satisfaction, Accuracy, Timely Completion.
  • Purpose: To manage our business by meeting the needs of our customers.
  • Personnel: Familiarize themselves with quality documentation and implement the policies and procedures in their work.
  • Management is committed to complying with ISO 17025 international standards.
  • To establish the level of laboratory’s performance.
  • To participate in inter-laboratory testing with other NABL accredited laboratories for quality evaluation.
  • To ensure that all personnel are trained to a level of familiarity with the quality system appropriate to individual’s degree of responsibility.