Online Electronic Public Tender for Availing Technical Assistance Services in Mechanical Lab, Polymer Lab & Combustion Lab and Onsite IT & Typing Services at LERC. Please visit our e-tender website:www.tenderwizard.com/LERC for further details of this tender

Vision and Mission


To be a globally admired institution continually developing the most advanced, safe, energy efficient and environment friendly equipment and systems for the LPG industry through research, innovation and technology alliance.


Our endeavour is to deliver highest quality in everything we do and to be a great place to work where people are inspired to be the best they can be.


  • Develop and maintain comprehensive online information and learning portal
  • Develop & Franchise high quality LPG related equipments & devices for Domestic Applications, leading edge and open technology machinery and systems for LPG Plants and Equipments & Technologies for commercial, industrial and automotive applications of LPG
  • Become centre of Excellence for testing and certification of LPG Equipments under “LERC Certified” Logo.
  • Become a World Renowned Training Centre for LPG Industry.
  • To ensure best practices in the Indian LPG Industry through knowledge dissemination, information repositories and quality assurance services.
  • Develop & maintain a comprehensive online information and learning portal.
  • Be a prestigious asset for stake holders